Statement from Rep. Dan Kristiansen on the I-5 bridge collapse over the Skagit River


May 24, 2013

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Statement from Rep. Dan Kristiansen on the I-5 bridge collapse over the Skagit River

“My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who has been, and will continue to be, affected by the bridge collapse over the Skagit River. This is a bridge that so many of us have come to depend on throughout the years. To see a section of it in the river is disheartening and unsettling. I’m very proud of the response so far and I expect this collaboration to continue as our communities come together.

“We know this roadway is a critical thoroughfare. It is the lifeline to our local businesses, schools and homes, and vital for the flow of goods and services throughout the Pacific Northwest. We need temporary solutions that provide safe and reliable routes for those who rely on this part of I-5. And eventually, we will need a long-term solution, likely a replacement bridge, to serve our region for years to come.

“There are a lot of unanswered questions right now. Like everyone else, I look forward to the answers. I’m confident that state and federal officials will get to the bottom of what happened and we need to give them the time to do their work. I’m equally confident that lawmakers will hold those responsible accountable and come up with solutions to ensure this situation does not happen again.

“There are some people who will use this event as a vehicle to advocate for a new transportation revenue package. I don’t think it should be used to advocate for – or against – an increase in the state gas tax. Instead, we should use this event as an opportunity to evaluate all of our bridges, examine how we maintain our roadways, and determine how we can build and repair infrastructure in our state more time- and cost-effectively. These should be nonpartisan goals.

“As we consider short- and long-term transportation solutions, citizen input is a critical component. The best ideas often don’t originate in Olympia. I hope the voices of our communities will not only contribute to, but drive, many of the transportation decisions moving forward. I encourage people to be engaged in the legislative process.”

Rep. Dan Kristiansen, R-Snohomish
39th District
House Republican Leader


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