Washington House Republicans try to amend education bill on House floor to include public charter schools, motion denied

During a floor debate on House Bill 1541 this morning, Washington House Republicans tried to add an amendment to the measure that would save public charter schools in Washington state. The amendment was scoped, meaning it was not allowed to be voted on by the full House chamber.

The amendment mirrors House Bill 2367, a measure that would allow public charter schools to remain available to Washington students by directing public charter school funding to come from the state’s Opportunity Pathways Account. The account contains state lottery revenues not restricted to common schools. House Bill 2367 has a companion, Senate Bill 6194, which passed off the Senate floor with bipartisan support on January 20.

Despite bipartisan support for both pieces of legislation, the chair of the House Education Committee has not scheduled public hearings for House Bill 2367 or Senate Bill 6194 yet.

Floor debate on House Bill 1541 concluded without a vote on the legislation.


Washington State House Republican Communications