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Email Updates

House Republican Leader Rep. Dan Kristiansen, R-Snohomish, provides a legislative update, including information about newly-released budgets, and legislative pages that served from Monroe.

March 1, 2016

Rep. Dan Kristiansen provides an update of business-related bills to local chamber groups.

Feb. 23, 2016

Rep. Dan Kristiansen provides a history lesson of development of State Route 522, showing the portion in the 39th District he represents has been completed, but there's an incomplete two-lane bottleneck...

Feb. 16, 2016

Rep. Dan Kristiansen discusses the recent committee cutoff schedule, problems with the new I-405 tolling system, and public hearings for the week ahead.

Feb. 9, 2016

With only 38 days remaining of the scheduled 60-day regular session, time is slipping by fast as committees attempt to hear and pass policy bills before this coming Friday, Feb. 5....

Feb. 2, 2016

We've now begun our third week of the 2016 legislative session and some major issues have already come to the forefront. Initiative 1366 – Court rules it unconstitutional; Republicans move forward...

Jan. 26, 2016

Rep. Dan Kristiansen gives his priorities for the 2016 session in this email update, along with a look of committee activities for the week ahead.

Jan. 19, 2016

E-mail update and survey from Rep. Dan Kristiansen. In this update, Rep. Kristiansen looks ahead to the 2016 session and discusses emerging issues. He also offers a survey for citizens to...

Nov. 20, 2015

Rep. Dan Kristiansen talks about the concept of levy swap as a way of providing a dependable state funding source for education.

Oct. 2, 2015

An e-mail update from House Republican Leader Rep. Dan Kristiansen discussing historic education funding levels approved by the Legislature and the state Supreme Court's response that issues sanctions against the state...

Sept. 10, 2015